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A collection of magazine reviews and articles on Tokyoflash over the years.

Magazines: 2012 April

Cool Led Watches Kisai Tenmetsu In Cine 21 Magazine 02

Cool LED Watches Kisai Tenmetsu in Cine 21 Magazine

Tenmetsu combines precision lines and stunning contours with three subtle LED tones to create a look never before seen.  The continuous line that runs between the lenses and through the wrist band provides perfect balance and a design edge.  The new two-step time telling method is simple to learn an... read more

Minimal Watches Kisai On Air In Cine 21 Magazine 02

Minimal Watches Kisai On Air in Cine 21 Magazine

Minimal design and a simple. intuitive display make Kisai On Air one of the most attractive watch designs available from Tokyoflash Japan.

Featuring a colored LCD display with touch screen technology. time. date and alarm. Kisai On Air is the fourth concept design submitted by a fan to become rea... read more

Magazines: 2012 March

T3 2

Unique Watch: Kisai Optical Illusion featured in t3 Magazine Denmark

Vind! nørdet armbåndsur fra Tokyoflash

Det japanske firma Tokyo-Flash er berømt eller snarere berygtet for at lave armbåndsure. der er lidt ud over det sædvanlige. Det er i høj grad også tilfældet med dets nye ur Kisai. der med garanti kan få din arm til at vække opsigt i enhver forsamling. Uret ... read more

Dj 2

Cool Watches: Kisai 3D Unlimited from Tokyoflash in DJ Magazine

On Time

Tokyoflash give you something to think about.

NOW see here. An entirely new conceptual time piece. that's individually set by the owner. 'No two styles of watch use the same method to tell the time.' Nuts eh?

Tokyoflash have a whole stack of crazy. unusual designs to choose from wit... read more

Ryan 2

Binary Watches: Tokyoflash R75 featured in Ryan Air Magazine

Tech Talk: Cool Watches

Tokyoflash R75. Add up the LED lights along the top of the display to determine the minutes. with the hour displayed below. There's also a function to swap these around or show time time in binary. That may take twice as long to read. but it'll be worth it to see the look ... read more

Spectrum 2

Fashion Watches: Kisai Stencil from Tokyoflash Japan featured in Spectrum Magazine

Kisai Stencil Mirror White was used in a photo shoot for Spectrum Magazine.

Unique Lcd Watch Kisai Stencil In Cine 21 Magazine 02

Unique LCD Watch Kisai Stencil in Cine 21 Magazine

Kisai Stencil from Tokyoflash Japan is an intuitive watch design with a brand new custom designed stainless steel case and leather strap. Visually artistic. the colored LCD display shows the time in negative space. a technique that appears cryptic at first but is actually very simple to read.

Magazines: 2012 February

Cool Watches Kisai Optical Illusion In Mail On Sunday Live Magazine 02

Cool Watches: Kisai Optical Illusion in Mail on Sunday LIVE Magazine

How to read the time on the Kisai Optical Illusion watch? Hidden on the screen are four digits (two top. two bottom). denoting hours and minutes. Stare at it long enough and the numbers should materialise.

Clue: look for the diagonal lines going in the opposite direction to the main pattern. Stil... read more

Cool Pocket Watch Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Jadore Magazine 02

Cool Pocket Watch: Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket from Tokyoflash Japan Watch in J'Adore Magazine

Tokyoflash Watches

Techy nuts who love attention will kill for these eye-popping wrist gizmos straight from the land of the rising sun. Conceptualized by some of their fans in Kyrgyzstan. Tokyo Flash’s Kisai On Air ($189) is one of the more minimal designs out of the company’s Star Trek-esque pro... read more

Fashion Watch Kisai Optical Illusion Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Extra Magazine 02

Fashion Watch: Kisai Optical Illusion Watch in Extra Magazine

Japanski urarski brand Tokyoflash poznat je po inovativnim modelima koji pomiču granice očitavanja vremena. Jedna čitateljica nosit će njihov najnoviji model. Kisai Optical Illusion - ili ga pokloniti nekom zaista posebnom.

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