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Magazines: 2010 July

Kisai ESCAPE C Bluetooth Headset Featured in Australian FHM Magazine <back


It looks like an alien artefact dug up from beneath the pyramids;
all cryptic symbols and pulsing. blue LEDs. Unfortunately it doesn't actually open Stargates (to the best of our knowledge). but the Kisai Escape C does connect straight to your mobile phone or computer to stream MP3s. connect to Skype or iChat.
and tell the time in a delightfully eccen tric system of flashing rings.
Hands be damned: this baby (tiny at 4cm in diameter and weighing in at only 15g) can be worn around your neck like the world's cleverest
disco medallion. or fit neatly on a key ring or lanyard. allowing for hands-free connectivity via headphones and an integrated microphone. A USB port lets you recharge via your computer.
The Kisai people proudly acknowledge the Escape's cryptic "alien transmitter" appearance. and boast that the easy-access controls will become "second nature" to their wearer while retaining an
air of technological mystery.
Now you can confound people with your futuristic ways. like those kids whose sneakers have wheels in the heel. The only difference being that in this case. no one will want to punch you for wearing it. FHM

Cool Bluetoothheadset



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