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S-Mode Oberon LED Watch in IBUKI Magazine <back

Gadget The Art of Telling Time: Tokyoflash

Tokyoflash Japan thinks the practice of telling time has become a little stagnant. so they’re injecting it with some life and turning it into a real form of art. Founded in 2000. this Tokyo-based company creates cutting-edge watches that combine the latest in technology with one-of-akind designs. These timepieces are for those who appreciate a unique style and don’t mind people stopping them on the street to ask. “Where did you get that watch?” Each of the dozens of Tokyoflash watches has a specific way to display time. The Denshoku. for instance. has bars that light up to signal hours. 10-minute blocks and individual
minutes. Others. such as Hanko. indicate time with LEDs that flash in specific areas on the watch’s face that correspond to numbers on a clock. One of Tokyoflash’s newest releases. S-Mode Oberon. tells time in a combination of the two ways. Its design features a black mineral lens. a stainless-steel case and bright LEDs for a super-sleek and edgy look. To tell time. simply push a small button on the side. White LEDs on the outer ring light up in the same position as numbers on a traditional clock face to indicate hours. A second ring stands for individual minutes. while the inner ring shows minutes in groups of 10. Tokyoflash is constantly developing new designs to create more unique and fun ways to see what time it is. To find out more. visit




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