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Magazines: 2008 June

Tokyoflash Infection In Stitch Magazine Germany 2

Tokyoflash Infection and Twelve 5-9 Q Version in Stitch Magazine. Germany

Futuristisch klokkijken. Bij de horloges van het Japanse Tokyoflash is het altijd weer een sport om uit te vinden hoe de tijdsaanduiding werkt. maar dit blijkt deze keer gewoon een kwestie van puntjes tellen. TokyoFlash’s Infection. Q-versions. Shinshoku en andere modellen zijn unieke design horloge... read more

Oberon Scramble Tumbler In Stuff Norway 02

Tokyoflash LED LCD and Analog Watches in Stuff Magazine Norway

Tokyo Flash Scramble 630.- (¥12.900) For deg som synes blinkende lys og farger er underholdende urbant. Fargevalg som blå. grønn. rød. roso og gul for å nevne noen. som pulserer så snart du trykker på knappen over LCD-displayet. Med lenke som justerer seg selv og forskjellig graverte... read more

Tokyoflash Infection Watch In Xbox 360 Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Infection Watch in XBOX 360 Magazine

£67.07 at Infection is the latest weird and wonderful design from the team at Tokyoflash. whose selection of modern watches is really quite astounding. You read the time using the colour-coded display. This one reads 3:59. in case you’re not sure.

Magazines: 2008 May

Shinshoku Binary Led Watch

Shinshoku and Geomesh featured in Croatian Bizz magazine

50 lifestyle / tokyoflosh solovi
Za poslovnog je čovjeko ručni sot od posebnog zna čajo. Jedinslven slmbol moéi i uspjeha - provi ručni sat u poslovnom svijetu mom bili i precizan i pouzdan. dizaj nerski dotjemn i izdržljiv. drukčijl od SVlh i nenometljivo superiomn. DOlsta zah... read more

Beautiful Watches

Various LED watches Featured In Australian FHM Magazine

No longer are chunky. ulna-crushing calculator watches the cutting edge of futuristic timepiece technology. Now. if you want the next person who stops you in the street to ask the time to think you've stepped straight off the set of Battlestar Galactica you need to be rocking something that looks l... read more

Retsu Led Watch In Uptown Magazine 02

Saishin Retsu Watch From Tokyoflash Japan in Uptown Magazine USA

Retsu watch. Only 8 millimeters thin and weighing in at 40 grams. the Retsu is about the smallest. lightest conversation piece you can buy. When you want to know the time (or be the center of attention). press the button on its side and watch a thin line of blue or green lights race upward to indica... read more

Selection Of Led Watches In Wizard Magazine 02

Selection of Tokyoflash LED Watches in Wizard Magazine

WATCH AND LEARN! Tokyo Flash offers up the hottest time pieces of the Far East. You may be used to the old little-big hands of the traditional timepiece. but if you want your wrist wear to start conversations. try looking east. deals in unusual and eye-catching watches that can't be f... read more

Magazines: 2008 April

Binary Led Watch Xbox

1000100101 Binary LED watch

Binary watch 1000100101
One letter each month will be rewarded with this stunning watch fram Tokyo Flash engraved on the back with our very own 3601090. You can buy this. and many other weird and wonderful timepieces online at

Equalizer From Tokyoflash Japan In Pleasure Magazine 02

Equalizer Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Pleasure Magazine Netherlands


Soms denk je dat alles nu wel zo'n. beetje bedacht is. maar dan ineens zie je toch weer iets verbazends. Zoals de waanzinnige horloges van Tokyoflash. Kijk op en je begrijpt wat we bedoelen. Voor sommige van die horloges moet Je wel een universitaire studie hebben g... read more

Tokyoflash Shinshoku Pimp In Prinz Magazine 2

Tokyoflash Shinshoku and Pimp P1 Pusher in Prinz Magazine. Germany

Die Stunden leuchten rot. die Minuten gelb: Als; ungewohnte Punktmatrix farbiger LEDs zeigen die futttristischen Uhren von Tokyoflash die Zeit an. Cool. Links: "Shinshoku" (95 Euro). rechts: "Pimp" (100 Euro).

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