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A collection of magazine reviews and articles on Tokyoflash over the years.

Magazines: 2014 March

Kisai Xtal Digital Led Watch Featured In Stuff India Magazine 01

Kisai Xtal Digital LED Watch Featured in Stuff India Magazine

The Kisai Xtal LED watch features regular digital time and a cryptic mode that turns the digits into symbols which are easy to read when you know how. The watch also has date mode. alarm and a selection of user-selectable animations. The watch design was recently featured in Stuff magazine. India.

Tokyoflash Watches Featured In Fhm Magazine Turkey 01

Tokyoflash Watches Featured in FHM Magazine Turkey

A selection of Tokyoflash watches were recently featured in FHM magazine in Turkey. The Kisai Rorschach E Ink watch along with the Kisai Blade and Kisai Sensai LED watches and Kisai Stencil. Kisai Space Digits Wood. Kisai Zone Wood and Kisai Spider Acetate LCD watches were featured.

E Ink Watches Kisai Rorschach E Ink Watch In Home And Lifestyle Magazine 01

E-Ink Watches: Kisai Rorschach E Ink Watch in Home and Lifestyle Magazine

Recently featured in Home and Lifestyle Magazine. the Kisai Rorschach watch is the first design from Tokyoflash Japan to use an E Ink display.

Epaper Kisai Rorschach Watch Featured In Sc Family Magazine 01

ePaper Kisai Rorschach Watch featured in SC Family Magazine

Available exclusively from Tokyoflash Japan. the Kisai Rorschach ePaper watch was recently featured in SC Family Magazine.

Magazines: 2014 February

Kisai Space Digits Wood From Tokyoflash In Catalog Magazine 01

Kisai Space Digits Wood From Tokyoflash in Catalog Magazine

Recently featured in Catalog Magazine. Kisai Space Digits Wood features a futuristic time display framed by a dual-layered laminated hardwood case. The time and date are presented digitally on one screen in a compact and easy-to-read way.

Kisai Console Wood Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Featured In Zoo Magazine Australia 01

Kisai Console Wood Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Featured in Zoo Magazine Australia

Kisai Console Wood combines vivid LED lights with a natural hardwood case. creating a cool watch design with both classic and futuristic elements. It was recently featured in Zoo Magazine Australia

Epaper Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Kisai Rorschach Featured In Pc Advisor Magazine 01

ePaper Watch from Tokyoflash Japan featured in PC Advisor Magazine

PC Advisor magazine recently featured the Kisai Rorschach ePaper watch. designed by Samuel Jerichow. The watch was inspired by the famous "Rorschach inkblot test"; a series of mysterious ink blots used to evaluate a patient's thoughts & emotions by their response as to what the patterns remind them ... read more

Kisai Keisan Led Watch Featured In Maxim Magazine Russia 01

Kisai Keisan LED Watch Featured in Maxim Magazine Russia

Designed and made in Japan. the Kisai Keisan LED watch from Tokyoflash Japan was recently featured in Russia's Maxim magazine.

Magazines: 2014 January

Optical Illusion Lcd Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In T3 Magazine 01

Optical Illusion LCD Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in T3 Magazine

The Kisai Optical Illusion watch was recently featured in T3 magazine. The custom made LCD panel used in Kisai Optical Illusion has more than 1500 segments and is the most complex watch display created to date; an engineering feat that took more than 12 months to research and develop.

Kisai Polygon Wood Watch In Le Bijoutier Magazine France 01

Kisai Polygon Wood Watch in Le Bijoutier Magazine France

The Polygon Wood watch from Tokyoflash Japan recently featured in Le Bijoutier Magazine France includes time. date. alarm. EL backlighting and a custom animation. Choose either a mirror display with gold accented bezel or blue display with silver accented bezel.

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