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Magazines: 2009 April

Tokyoflash Fire mens watch seen in J'ADORE Magazine <back

If you want a space-age style that stands out from the crowd and stimulates conversation. look no further than Tokyollash Their futuristic mens watches look like they're from another galaxy. but be forewarned. some models are so abstract that reading the time might take a little. well. time. to master. For example. the Tokyfiash "Negative Series display the hour by looking at the black space rather than the lit area. There's another one. the Tokyofiash Rogue"' IPB. that utilizes glowing rings to give you the time of day. Their new LED watch that is simply titled Fire is a bit more complicated. Reading the time with this model requires knowing what the different LED light colors represent (yellow for hours. red for minute intelvals and green for single minutes). All in all. Tokyfiash products may not be the most conveinent for telling time. but they're definitely unique attention grabbers once you grasp the concept. this Star Trekesque blingwear from Japan overshadows traditional timepieces when it comes to the question. "What the hell is that?"

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