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Magazines: 2010 September

Kisai Denshoku Changinglanes Led Watch Timegear

KISAI Denshoku LED Watch. Changing Lanes USB rechargeable LED WatchがTIME Gear VOL.02に掲載されました。



オリジナリティーあふれるアイテムばかりを手掛け... read more

Kisai Tenmetsu Led Watch Champion

KISAI TENMETSU Design LED Watchが週刊少年チャンピオン38号に掲載されました。


Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Led Watch Goodspress 9

KISAI Escape C Bluetooth LED Watchがグッズプレス9月号に掲載されました。

携帯電話との無線接続時、本機に有線でつないだイヤホンと本機内蔵のマイクでハンズフリー通話が可能。また、デジタルオーディオプレーヤーとつないだ場合は、楽曲データをクリアなまま受信できる。LEDの点灯で時刻が分かる、時計機能付き。... read more

Mens Watches6

Infection watch Featured in Joy Magazine.

Dejte sbohem klasickým hodinkám a pořiďte si nové designové. S hodinkami Tokyoflash (od 2643 Kč) máte jistotu. že vaše zápěstí rozhodně nikdo nepřehlédne.

Metropolis Tokyo Japan

Tenmetsu LED mens watch Featured in Tokyo Metropolis.

We know it's unfair to judge a film that hasn't even been released yet. but
based on precedent. we're at least fairly confident that the upcoming movie adaptation of video game Tekken will be._ well. utter rubbish. On the plus side. it's going to feature some good watches... read more

Tokyoflash 1000100101 Led Watch In Playboy Russia Magazine 02

Tokyoflash 1000100101 Watch in Playboy Russia Magazine

The 1000100101 LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Russia's Playboy Magazine.

Magazines: 2010 August

Rogue Watch

Rogue watch featured in Focus Magazine

What's the time. Mr Wolf?
This futuristic watch wouldn't look out of place on a Klingon's wrist. The Tokyoflash Rogue displays time through a series of concentric LED circles. The inner ring represents hours while the larger ring is divided up into five minute blocks. On both rings. the missing... read more

Kisai Escape C Led Watch Bluetooth Bestgear

KISAI Escape C Bluetooth LED WatchがBestGear8月号に掲載されました。


ミステリアスなデザインが特徴のBluetooth対応ワイヤレスレシーバー。MP3プレーヤーや携帯電話などと接続でき、内蔵マイクでハンズフリー通話が可能。LEDによるアナログチックな表示の時計機能も備えている。... read more

Dlist Magazine

Seven Watches Featured in D List Magazine

Utilizing a custom-designed face. this time-teller doubles as a walking piece of art. This USB rechargeable watch allows for enhanced brightness and long-lasting battery life. Reading time couldn't be easier; don't let the high tech lighting fool you.
It's no surprise that we found the mas; hig... read more

Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Led Watch Realdesign

KISAI Escape C Bluetooth LED WatchがREAL DESIGN8月号に掲載されました。

KISAI Escape C
幅広い仕様用途をもつので、ひとつ持っていると便利!個性的なデザインではあるものの、ビジネスシーンにも役立つ。... read more

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