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Magazines: 2008 November

Tokyoflash Shinshoku In Tomorrow Magazine Germany 02

Tokyoflash Shinshoku Cool Watch in Tomorrow Magazine Germany

Space-Uhr. NAME: Shinshoku FÜR WEN: Zeitlose FÜR WIE VIEL: circa 100 Euro. Was aussieht wie ein bunt leuchtendes Armband. ist in Wirklichkeit eine Uhr. Die roten LEDs der Shinshoku stehen für die Stunden. die grünen für jeweils 15 Minuten und die gelben für die einzelnen Minuten. Und. wie spät ist e... read more

Magazines: 2008 October

Pimp Binary Watch

Pimp Pimpin ain't easy and 1000100101 binary watch featured Acclaim Magazine

Pimp pimpin ain't easy and 100001001010 binary watches seen in Acclaim magazine

Shinshoku Binary Ledd Watch

Shinshoku and 1000100101 Binary watches featured in Attitude Magazine

From the land of used underwear vending machines. the Japanese have come up with something equally unique and quirky Japanese watches from Tokyoflash. They're like something from the future. Featuring various styles with creatively designed lenses. the watches are an innovative way to v... read more

Tokyoflash Galaxy In Stuff Spain 02

Tokyoflash Galaxy in Stuff Spain Magazine

La esfera del espacio. Tokyoflash Galaxy €87. Alguien de Tokyoflash ha visto demasiadas pelis de ciencia ficción. Esto no es un monitor personal de salud. ni un generador de campos de fuerza. Ni siquiera se comunica con el puente de mando. Es un reloj. Si tocas el botón de la ... read more

Tokyoflash Galaxy In Stuff Magazine Singapore 02

Galaxy LED Watch from Tokyoflash in Stuff Singapore

Space to face. Tokyoflash Galaxy $184 Someone at Tokyoflash has been watching too many sci-fi movies. This isn’t a personal health monitor. nor a forcefield generator. It won’t even communicate with the bridge. It’s a watch. Touch the upper button and the lights power up extravag... read more

Magazines: 2008 August

Tokyoflash Infection Watch In Playboy Holland 02

Tokyoflash Infection Watch in Playboy Netherlands

Geinig. Een exclusief horloge hoeft je geen jaarsalaris Ie koslen. Je zult weinig mensen tegenkomen met deze Tokyoflash Infeclion en de undergroundkenner weel direcl dal je'm aUeen kan kopen in de supertrendy Harajuku siraai in Tokyo. Prijs: € 85.-.

Tokyoflash Infection In Playstation Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Infection Watch in Official PlayStation Magazine

Light up your wrist like a fruit machine and turn telling the time into an infuriating puzzle. "Got the time. mate?" "Yeah. it's. uh. half past green..." £66 from

Tokyoflash Rogue In Prinz Magazine Germany 2

Tokyoflash Rogue in Prinz Magazine Germany

Grün wie The Hulk leuchtet die Armbanduhr "Rogue" mit futuristischer Anzeige: Die verschiedenen Kreise geben jeweils Stunden und Minuten an. (110 Euro)

Oberon Infection In Stuff Spain Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Infection and Oberon Watches in Stuff Magazine Spain

Tokyoflash Infection 86 €. Tokyoflash Oberon SS 101 € Si nadie es inmune a la picadura del tiempo. contágiate con el estilo del Infection y sus 27 LED multicolores. Los 12 rojos indican las horas. los 11 amarillos el paso de los minutos en grupos de cinco. y los cuatro verdes ... read more

Infection Led Watch From Tokyoflash In Stuff Singapore 02

Tokyoflash Infection LED Watch in Stuff Singapore

Not Queasy To Read. Tokyoflash Infection $179. Tokyoflash’s bizarre. seemingly unreadable timepieces can put some people off. With its new design. though. it may just infect (sorry) the unbelievers. Using 27 multicoloured LEDs that pulsate beneath its curved surface. the Infectio... read more

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