Morse Morse Code LED Watch

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Morse Code watch

Tired of people looking over your shoulder to see the time? Put a stop to that with a Morse Code watch. Tokyoflash is proud to present the first ever Morse Code watch.

The watch has 3 modes for telling the time.

Using a bulit in speaker that refracts the sound off your wrist through the solid stainless caseback it sounds out the time in Morse Code.

If thats to hard to follow, you can press a button to see the time in Morse Code on the LED display.

If that's still too hard to decipher or your running out of time, one more press of a button you can see the time in regular digit form.

Stimulate your mind and learn to tell the time in Morse Code.

The quality is second to none at 150 grams, this watch is built like a Navy Seal!

With its high polish strap & mirrored lens - in bright sunlight you could even signal in Morse Code.

  • Time only
  • 12 & 24 hour mode
  • AM / PM in 12 hour mode
  • Audio Morse code time
  • LED Morse code time
  • Regular digit time mode
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Polished Mirror finish
  • The only Morse Code watch in the world!


PURCHASE $153.15

000 061

This product is no longer available.

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