Kisai RPM Acetate Limited Edition LED Watch

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RPM Acetate Limited Edition

Sense the atmosphere and feel the noise as you step towards the decks. The lights are low as you mix your beats but something bright catches your eye: Kisai RPM, revolutionary timing.

Made of Acetate in three limited edition color variations, you are guaranteed an original watch design made of a unique material.

Like the original Kisai RPM LED watch, the case is elevated at different levels echoing the appearance of a turntable, the limited edition Acetate designs are finished with a seamless butterfly clasp.

The curved, smoked lens that runs around the edge of the acetate disc creates a stunning contrast before you touch the button to illuminate the rings of digital tube LEDs that display the time.

graphite and saturn RPM

RPM Tempest Acetate Limited Edition

Simple to read at a glance, hours are shown on the inner ring in the same position as hours on a clock. Five minute intervals are shown on the outer ring in the same position as minutes on a clock and four single minutes are positioned at the top of the display along side the AM/PM indicator. Lights showing the current time will flash for several seconds to direct you.

For more information, take a look at the diagrams and video review below.


Ideal for night time, Kisai RPM has a light-up animation feature. When activated, the minute lights spin around the display in a clockwise direction once every fifteen minutes between 6PM and midnight.

This design is also USB rechargeable via your computer. One full charge will take 3.5 hours and each charge should last 1 month. There are 300 charges in one battery and the battery is replaceable.

Kisai RPM is also available in:

Acetate is a special material used in the production of high end sunglasses and other fahion accessories. Manufactured in the same way as stainless steel, each part of this LED watch design, including each link that makes up the strap has been carefully hand cut, machined and individually polished before assembly.

A strong material with a deep gloss that can be cleaned easily, Acetate has a silky finish, similar to ceramic or lacquerware and is light and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for wrist watches.

  • Displays the time
  • Available with blue digital tube LEDs
  • Acetate case and strap, stainless steel case back
  • USB rechargeable: unscrew & connect to your computer
  • USB cable and screw driver included
  • LED animation option (can be turned off)
  • Clasp: butterfly clasp
  • Minimum wrist size: 100 mm (approx.)
  • Maximum wrist size: 210 mm (approx.)
  • Case dimensions: 42 mm x 50 mm x 13.5 mm
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • Water resistance: 3ATM
  • Battery: LIR2032 rechargeable & replaceable watch battery
  • Japanese and English instructions
  • One year warranty

pdfDownload PDF manual

In February 2010, Tokyoflash opened its Design Studio Blog to showcase its concept designs and request ideas for new watch designs from fans. The original idea for Kisai RPM was submitted by James Fursedon and was voted as one of the most popular designs by fans. This is the first concept submitted by a fan to become reality.

Find out more about the original concept here

Blog reader & watch designer James Fursedon, from the UK says:

"I'm really pleased with the way this watch has turned out, the design team have done an amazing job. I have no artistic skills whatsoever but had a concept in my head that I hoped would be worthy of being featured on the blog. I sent in a few short paragraphs of how I thought the watch should look and work and kept my fingers tightly crossed!

I was so excited to see my concept on the design studio blog, I recognised it immediately but was blown away by the little touches and design flares that had been added to make it so special. Now, 9 months later, to see my watch idea in production and on sale from my favourite watch shop is unbelievable, a dream come true!

Thank you Tokyoflash, thank you to everyone who commented and voted on the blog and thank you to every one who buys one! I can't wait to see a stranger wearing this watch and will surely buy them a pint! - James"



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