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Magazines: 2011 November

Kisai 3d Unlimited Lcd Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Zoo Magazine 01

Kisai 3D Unlimited in Zoo Magazine

Ditch your dull timepiece for a futuristic watch that will make a bold statement. Kisai 3D Unlimited. £95.

Kisai Traffic Led Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Cambridge Magazine 02

Kisai Traffic LED Watch in Cambridge Magazine

Looking for a strapping watch for the autumn? Search no more as we call time on the best designs. Gadget lovers might like this crazy design; the Traffic watch. £121.74 at

Three Led Watches From Tokyoflash Japan In Eos Magazine 02

Horloge Spreekt Codetaal Three LED Watches from Tokyoflash Japan in EOS Magazine

Horloge Spreekt Codetaal

Zin om op te vallen met een horloge? De modellen van Tokyoflash vertellen de tijd via een cryptische code.

Design en stijl primeren duidelijk op praktisch nut. maar de Japanse makers zien hun ontwerpen dan ook als juweel en zelfs kunst. Om u een idee te geven ziet u (... read more

Lcd Watch Design 3d Unlimited In Design Magazine 02

LCD Watch Design 3D Unlimited in Design Magazine

Featuring a brand new. custom designed stainless steel case and strap. a cutting edge mirrored LCD display. time and date functions and an EL backlight for night time. Kisai 3D Unlimited from Tokyoflash is like a regular digital watch in 3D. Available in seven bright color combinations. High quality... read more

Rogue Touch Led Watch & 3d Unlimited Lcd Watch In San Francisco Chronicle 02

Rogue Touch LED Watch & 3D Unlimited LCD Watch in San Francisco Chronicle

For “Jetson”-type pop. look no further than Tokyoflash Japan. It’s challenging to read the time. but tutorials on the company’s YouTube channel help flatten the learning curve. The stainless steel Kisai 3D Unlimited is its simplest digital display. arranging the numbers in a cube to give it that dim... read more



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