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Magazines: 2009 April

Mens Watch B

Pimp Star Performer Featured in Kerrang Mens Magazine

UPCOMING ROCKERS Swound! have hooked us up with some fun band merch. and these awesome Tokyoflash watches for a seriously bitchin' giveaway' We have one silver and two of the black watches to give away -worth £150 each! For more info see The watches are pretty damn impressive -y... read more

New Man Magazine 8

Denshoku LED watch Featured in NEW MAN Magazine.

It's more of a fashion statement than a timepiece but the new range of Kisai ries of watches from Tokyo Flash is an understatement of personified oolness. Designed with a combination of brushed and sandblasted materials
an alumite finish. the watches not only provide a pristine. ... read more

Kisai Keisan In Playboy Estonia 02

Kisai Keisan from Tokyoflash Japan in Playboy Magazine Estonia


Kõik. kes on näinud filmi „Matrix”. mäletavad salapäraseid rohelisi numbreid. mis pidevalt ekraanil kihutasid. Kui keegi neist ridadest midagivälja luges. siis oskab ta aega lugeda ka sellelt kellalt. Viimane väide oli tegelikult liialdus – uut kella mõistavad ka need. kel puuduvad te... read more

Tokyoflash Infection In Stuff Spain 02

Tokyoflash Infection LED Watch Featured in Stuff Spain Magazine

Tokyoflash Infection 111 €. Si nadie es inmune a la picadura del tiempo. contágiate con el estilo del Infection y sus 27 LED multicolores. Los 12 rojos indican las horas. los 11 amarillos el paso de los minutos en grupos de cinco. y los cuatro verdes los minutos. Un toque en e... read more

Tokyoflash Infection Led Watch In Stuff Magazine Singapore 02

Tokyoflash Infection LED Watch Seen In Stuff Magazine Singapore

Not Queasy To Read. Tokyoflash Infection $179. Tokyoflash’s bizarre. seemingly unreadable timepieces can put some people off. With its new design. though. it may just infect (sorry) the unbelievers. Using 27 multicoloured LEDs that pulsate beneath its curved surface. the Infectio... read more

Magazines: 2009 March

Groovy Fashion

Cyber Punk and Oberon Featured in Groove Magazine

Check out the latest wrist action from Tokyoflash Japan. Leading the watch industry with their weird and wacky wristwatch designs.

Kisai Denshoku Led Watch Nextwatch

KISAI Denshoku Design LED WatchがネクストウオッチVol.02に掲載されました。

12本のラインで時刻を表示するニューカマーLED。右側のプッシュボタンを押すと、時、10分単位の分、1~9分の順序で表示する。シンプルだが、腕時計の形としては新しい試みだ。また、LEDの明るさを調整できたり、12分間にわたって点滅をくり返すアニメーションモードなど多様な光の変化が楽しめる。シンプルなぶん、進化したLEDウオッチといえよう。... read more

Mens Fitness Watch2

Kisai Denshoku Black in Men's Fitness Magazine

Einfach gut gezählt

Diese Armbanduhr hat zwar in erster Linie einen dekorativen Charakter. solltest du aber dennoch mal die Uhrzeit wissen wollen. push the button. Daraufhin leuchtet dreimal hintereinander eine bestimmte Anzahl an Balken auf. Die musst du zählen und dir merken. Oder du erfreust ... read more

Kisai Denshoku In Playboy Netherlands 02

Kisai Denshoku from Tokyoflash Japan in Playboy Netherlands

De Kisai Denshoku van Tokyoflash wordt geleverd met een gebruiksaanwijzing. Het is namelijk nogal wat uitzoekwerk om de tijd te lezen op dit klokje. Wat vreemd is. Maar ook weer heel erg cool en hip. Namelijk. Prijs: €192.

Tokyoflash Waku And Heko In Playboy Estonia 02

Tokyoflash Waku and Heko in Playboy Magazine Estonia

Tipp ja täpp disainivad kelli

Tokyoflashi kellad on kahtlemata ühed kõige põnevamad. mida maailmast leida võib. Kui esialgu jääb arusaamatuks. mismoodi on võimalik neilt kelladelt aega teada saada. siis tegelikult on see lihtsamast lihtsam. Stiilne. huvitav ja ainulaadne – selline peakski iga kel... read more

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