Equalizer High Freq.2 LED Watch

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The new High Frequency 2. The second version using an Equalizer theme, this new model has a 3D style display and brighter lights, all pure green.
The case and strap have more flat surfaces than the old model, which seems to add a reflective quality to the whole piece.

Strutting your stuff with this baby strapped to your wrist is sure to turn heads, maybe even enough to compete with the bright lights of Tokyo. 

The display pushes up the top row of lights and they float back down in a real equalizer effect, finally all the lights fall down off the face of the watch to leave only two lights to indicate the time for 5 seconds, then the two lights also trail off. 
Our animation above is just a guide to the light up effect, in real life its a lot more impressive.

The watch uses very little power for the amount of lights and is far more efficient than traditional LED watches. Note this is not an LED watch. It is an Advanced LCD using only 1 LED to light the entire watch using new technology. This is why the power consumption is low. 

The Mirrored face and numbers are very eye catching. When light reflects off it you are sure to get noticed. The design was done to accommodate all sizes of wrists both big and small.

Watch measures 47mm by 29mm.

The metal strap will need to be adjusted at a watch shop.

  • All Pure Green LED/LCD hybrid wristwatch
  • English & Japanese Instructions
  • Displays the time and Date
  • AM/PM
  • 3ATM Water Resistant
  • Only sold at Tokyoflash.com
  • 1 year Warranty


COMPRA $211.32

000 021

This product is no longer available.

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