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Magazines: 2008 March

Led Horloges Japan

Barcode LED watch Featured in FHM Holland Magazine

Tokyoflash Japan verkoopt al jaren zeer bijzonder horloges met veel led-lampjes


Five Tokyoflash Watches Featured in Portugal's FHM Magazine

o que é isto? Podia ser um acessório utilizado por Luke Skywalker na Guerra das Estrelas. mas na verdade sâo relógios do futuro. comercializados em site a que fomos dar nas nossas navegações cibernáuticas. Apesar de estar sedeada no Japão. a página está traduzida em português e... read more

Geek Goods

1259 Q LED watch Featured in Geek Magazine

Twelve 5·9 Q Watch
Did you know? As of 1997. every silverback gorilla on earth gained the ability to tell time. Some scientists believe that the activation of the "APE CHRONOSACTUALIZATION GENE"was triggered by the ready availability of clocks in zoos. as well as the dashboard digital display in... read more

Tokyoflash Shinshoku In Playboy Usa Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Shinshoku Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Playboy Magazine. USA


Tokyo may be half a world away from our editorial offices. but Tokyoflash’s watches look as though they originated in a distant galaxy. The Shinshoku ($135. for example. would fit right in on the wrist of a Mos Eisley cantina patron. So how does it work? Colored LEDs i... read more

Tokyoflash Equalizer Watch In Stuff Singapore Magazine 02

Equalizer Watch From Tokyoflash Japan in Stuff Magazine Singapore

Tokyoflash Japan 6.900 yen - 35.000 yen. Take one look at it and you'll know it's from the land of the rising sun. The Japanese never fail to impress. These lightweights are painstakingly made from quality materials promising every wearer the comfort they deserve as a patron of the unique fashion.... read more

Bpm Watch From Tokyoflash In Stuff Magazine Singapore 02

BPM Watch From Tokyoflash Japan in Stuff Magazine Norway

Tokyoflash BPM 380.- Du er ensom i mørket og venter på at strømmen skal komme tilbake. med Tokyoflash BPM som eneste selskap. Da husker du at den har innebygd lommelyky. så du skal se lyset. og løper ut av huset for å leve lykkelig i alle dine dager. Fordi det er helg.

Pimp Led Watch In Playboy Magazine 02

Pimp P1 Pusher LED Watch in Playboy Magazine Holland

Pimp P1 Pusher LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Playboy magazine Netherlands

Oberon Watch From Tokyoflash In Rolling Stone Magazine 02

S-Mode Oberon Watch in Rolling Stone Magazine Brasil

S-Mode Oberon LED Stainless Steel Watch from Tokyoflash Japan featured in Rolling Stone music magazine. Brasil.



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