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Magazines: 2010 February

Football Punk Magazine

Kisai Keisan LED Watch Featured in Football Punk Magazine

It's futuristic. fully bling and a genuinely insane watch from eccentric designers Tokyoflash. Design-wise it's unlike most other watches out there. and tells the time and date in cascading LED form. It also has the rare ability to simultaneously make nerds and rappers jealous. How many
watches ... read more

Galileuponteiros-e Algarismo

Denshoku. Pimp and Infection Watches Featured in Galileu Magazine in Brazil

Hora com agá
Ponteiros e algarismos são óbvios demais para os relógios da TOKYOFLASH JAPAN. O Kisai Denshoku. por exemplo. é uma sucessão de 12 barras horizontais alaranjadas que vão se enchendo. O Pimpin' Ain't Easy usa microquadrados azuis para dificultar a tarefa de interpretação. Já o Infect... read more

De Relojes2

TOKYO FLASH KISAI KEISAN Featured in H Magazine Spain

TOKYO FLASH KISAI KEISAN Si quieres un reloj en el que sólo tú puedas descifrar la hora. necesitas un Tokyo Flash: una marca especializada en la creación de relojes imposibles. El Kisai Keisan sigue esta premisa con una pantalla que integra una serie de LEOs. Averiguar la hora y e... read more

Kisai Escape C In Wired Magazine 02

Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Time Piece in WIRED Magazine

Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C. Bluetooth headsets are ear mullets: Use this personal wireless hub to lower your dork quotient. Hang the locket around your neck. plug in call enabled earphones and pair it with your phone. computer. and MP3 player. Judging from the Escape C's Dark Knight aesthetics and cr... read more



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