e35 Geomesh LED Watch

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GeoMesh LED watch

Reminiscent of some kind of satellite tracking system, the LED's in Geomesh light up in various patterns that cryptically tell the time. It's a very unique display & uses the horizontal and vertical lights to indicate hours & minutes.

Hours are indicated by counting the vertical lights & minutes by the horizontal lights. The minute lights can indicate 5 mins each light or 1 minute depending on the configuration - sounds complicated, but not really that difficult.

For example, take a look at one of the Multi-color LED watch photo's. The Green (vertical) lights are hours. The Yellow (horizontal) lights are 5 mins each & the Red 1 minute each. The same applies to the other models, just the color is different.

LED watch Tokyoflash Geomesh

Multi-color LED watch Geomesh

Available in a brushed Gunmetal finish with either White, Blue or Multi-color LED's.

The face is a mirrored grid with 27 LED's.

  • Water Resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Time only
  • Stainless Steel strap & caseback
  • Mirrored face
  • English & Japanese Instructions


ACHAT $200.64

000 010

This product is no longer available.

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