Pimp Jive Turkey LED Watch

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I can count about 8 levels back refracting on each LED & there's 60 LED's in this watch. Make no mistake, the LED's on this watch are very bright. Just to prove it to myself I went out into the blazing sunshine to test it and I had no problem to read the time even in direct sunlight. At night time though, the display really pimps its stuff. The infinity effect is nothing less than awesome. In the bar I visited last night I had 3 different girls come over to ask me about the watch & the bartender even gave me a free beer when I let him try the watch for a while. Now that's what I call Pimpin! The watch is made of 100% SOLID high grade stainless steel, you really feel like your wearing a $500 watch. Every part of this watch is custom made so you can be sure there is nothing like it. Telling the time is simple - 2 LED's light up, one for hours, one for minutes (the minute one flashes)

  • English and Japanese Instructions
  • 100% Hi Grade SOLID Stainless Steel
  • Time using refractive lighting
  • Extended 2 year warranty
  • Patent Pending


ACHAT $224.38

000 286

This product is no longer available.

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