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Magazines: 2011 January

LED Watches from Tokyoflash Japan in TECH Magazine <back

Most watches can be used for various purposes but their primary objective is to tell the time. In almost all cases this is a matter of reading the position of two hands or reading a digital dial. TokyoFlash watches on the other hand have turned such a simple concept into an art form. consistently bringing out new design concepts and even more innovative methods of telling the time using an array or LEDs. Here are three of our favourite models that are sure to leave you spellbound.

The Satellite’s most attractive feature is its wrist band – with high walls towering above the display. descending to grooves. the watch has a mechanical appearance.

RPM has the appearance of a turntable with a brushed stainless steel disc in the centre and a ring of digital tube LEDs to display the time.

Escape C is a new Bluetooth fashion accessory that can be paired with your cell phone to make and receive calls hands-free at the touch of a button.

Led Watches From Tokyoflash Japan In Tech Magazine 01



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