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A collection of magazine reviews and articles on Tokyoflash over the years.

Magazines: 2014 May

Tokyoflash Watch Kisai Tenmetsu Featured In T3 Magazine 01

Tokyoflash Watch Kisai Tenmetsu Featured in T3 Magazine

LED watch design Kisai Tenmetsu featured in T3 magazine. Kisai Tenmetsu is an LED watch designed and made in Japan. Made of aluminium. the watch is light and featured multi-colored LEDs to display the time.

Kisai-x-acetate-led-watch-in-australian-mountain-bike-magazine 01

Kisai X Acetate LED Watch in Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

The Kisai X Acetate LED watch was recently featured in Australian Mountain Bike Magazine. Inspired by cryptography. the Kisai X Acetate watch features time. date. alarm and animation mode.


Cool Wood Watch Kisai Night Vision Featured in Elselvier Magazine Netherlands

The unique Kisai Night Vision Wood watch from Tokyoflash Japan was recently featured in Elselvier Magazine in the Netherlands. The LEDs in this watch design are concealed beneath the wood surface and shine through to display the time.


Wood Watch with USB Memory Kisai Upload Featured in Charged Magazine

Kisai Upload from Tokyoflash was recently featured in Charged Magazine in the UAE. The Kisai Upload watch features built-in USB memory to store data.

Magazines: 2014 April

Kisai Seven Tron Style Led Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Featured In  Xbox One Agazine 02

Kisai Seven Tron Style LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan Featured in XBOX ONE Magazine

Kisai Seven was recently featured in XBOX ONE magazine. This watch design brings an ultra-modern look to what is essentially a regular watch. Using rings of pulsating LEDs to show the time. the watch wraps around your wrist like a time piece from the future.

Epaper Watch Design Kisai Rorschach Featured In T3 Magazine Singapore 1

ePaper Watch Design Kisai Rorschach Featured in T3 Magazine Singapore

T3 Magazine in Singapore recently featured the Kisai Rorschach ePaper watch from Tokyoflash Japan. Kisai Rorschach is the first watch from Tokyoflash Japan to use an ePaper display. The unique way that ePaper displays work means that the segments appear to be seamless - ideal for replicating the app... read more

Led Watches From Tokyoflash Japan Featured In Modelz View Magazine 01

LED Watches from Tokyoflash Japan Featured in Modelz View Magazine

Modelz View magazine recently featured some LED watches from Tokyoflash Japan. The Kisai RPM Gold LED watch is a limited edition version of the popular Kisai RPM watch. Kisai Seven is the futuristically-styled light up LED watch.

Japanese Led Watch Kisai Keisan Featured In Stuff Magazine 01

Japanese LED Watch Kisai Keisan Featured in Stuff Magazine

The Kisai Keisan LED watch was recently featured in Stuff Magazine in the UK.

Kisai Rorschach E Ink Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Featured In Fhm Magazine 01

Kisai Rorschach E Ink Watch from Tokyoflash Japan Featured in FHM Magazine

FHM Magazine in Latvia recently featured the Kisai Rorschach E Ink watch from Tokyoflash Japan. The watch has a unique time display inspired by the Rorschach inkblot test created by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach.

Wooden Led Watches Kisai Console And Kisai Xtal In T3 Magazine 01

Wooden LED Watches Kisai Console and Kisai Xtal in T3 Magazine

T3 magazine in the Middle East recently featured two wooden LED watch designs from Tokyoflash Japan. Kisai Xtal Wood is a very limited edition watch design with two different time display modes & six user-selectable animations. Kisai Console is a futuristic watch design with a time display like a sc... read more

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