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A collection of magazine reviews and articles on Tokyoflash over the years.

Magazines: 2009 March

Tokyoflash Rogue Lcd Watch In Q Magazine Uk 02

Tokyoflash Rogue LCD Watch in Q Magazine UK

Tokyoflash Rogue Watch. £125. Madly confusing timepiece from the baffling Japanese watchmakers. The outer ring represents minutes while the inner one handles hours.

Tokyoflash Rogue Watch In Stuff Singapore 02

Tokyoflash Rogue LCD Watch in Stuff Magazine Singapore

Congratulations! Bright enough to get you noticed. subtle enough to keep you looking cool. the Rogue is one of Tokyoflash Japan's most popular wristwear designs. Rogue presents the time through a circle of connecting
LCD blocks and features an LED light guide in sci-fi green bringing the display ... read more

Geeky Tokyoflash Watches In T3 Maagzine Greece 02

Geeky Tokyoflash Watches in t3 Magazine Greece

Όχι. δεν είναι φουτουριστικό κόσμημα που θυμίζει θερμάστρα! Είναι ένα από τα πιο cool και περίεργα ρολόγια της καινούριας συλλογής του Tokyoflash. Πάμε στοίχημα ότι αναρωτιέστε πώς διαβάζεται η ώρα... Λοιπόν. το Denshoku διαθέτει 12 πορτοκαλί μπάρες από ακρυλικό που αντιπροσωπεύουν τις ώρες. Πιέζετε... read more

Magazines: 2009 February

Kisai Keisan Led Binary Watch

Kisai Keisan LED watch featured in August Man Magazine in Malaysia

The new Tokyoflash Kisai Sensai LED watch is designed with a combination of brushed and sandblasted materials and the alumite finish provides a pristine. futuristic appearance. A choice of case and strap color combinations. each featuring multicolored LEDs beneath sleek black acrylic lenses. Designe... read more

Braclet Watch 2

Nekrua Bracelet watch Featured in Mitsubishi Motion Magazine

Nekura Tumbler
Purveyor of futuristic Japanese watches. Tokyo Flash presents Nekura Tumbler with sexy brushed stainless steel wristband. polished silver case and vivid white diaL It features rotating disk effect. just like that of a combination lick

Kisai Keisan From Tokyoflash In Stuff Singapore 02

Kisai Keisan from Tokyoflash Japan in Stuff Singapore

COOL AND CALCULATED. Kisai Keisan. $405 We’ve always wanted a watch that looks futuristic and cool...but not tacky - which is why God created Tokyoflash - which in turn created the Kisai Keisan. To read the time. all you have to do is add the digits in each vertical line. If the ... read more

Magazines: 2009 January

Japonska Led Designem

Tokyoflash NI LED watch featured in Design and Home Magazine

Tokyoflash Ni
Japonská společnost Tokyoflash uvedla na trh další novinku. Opět se jedná o hodinky. které netradiční formou zobrazují čas a zaujmou již na první pohled také svým designem. Výhodou je bezesporu také fakt. že jde o raritní značku. takže je zaručena poměrně velká dávka originality. Cen... read more

Geeky Watches

Tokyoflash Retsu and Oberon Featured In Russian Dress Code Magazine

Помните бомбу самоуничтожения с таинственными знаками из фильма «Хищник'>. Часы бренда TokyoFlash стали настоящей fаshiоп-бомбой и породили новую волну активности в среде we-weirding'a. Как всегда. японцы умудрились изобрести нечто. настолько кардинально отличающееся от современного представления ... read more

Fhp Magazine

Rogue Sci-Fi LED / LCD watch Featured in FHP Magazine

Tokyoflash - Rogue

Rogue's vivid green sci-fi LEDs present the time through a circle of connecting LCD blocks. The outer ring of small dots represents minutes. every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. The inner ring of blocks represents hours. the position of th... read more

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