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RPM - Cool White Acetate LED Watch From Tokyoflash Japan <back

Look Mom. No Hands!

When you’re not mixing your beats. wear this new Kisai RPM watch inspired by DJ culture. The case is elevated at different levels echoing the appearance of a turntable. Aside from its futuristic looks. this innovative watch created by TOKYOFLASH JAPAN is something to talk about. This watch tells time like no other watch does. Out with the old hour and minute hands and in with new light-up circles complete with hour and minute rings. On the Kisai RPM watch. hours are shown on the inner ring in the same position as hours on a clock. Five-minute intervals are shown on the outer ring in the same position as minutes on a clock and four single minutes are positioned at the top of the display. alongside the a.m. and p.m. indicator. Lights showing the current time will fl ash for several seconds to direct you. Kisai RPM has a light-up animation feature that is ideal for nighttime. When activated. the minute lights spin around the display in a clockwise direction once every 15 minutes between 6 p.m. and midnight. This watch is also USB rechargeable via your computer. One full charge will take 3.4 hours and should last one month. There are 300 charges in one battery. which is replaceable. You can find these watches for $160 online at

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