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Magazines: 2011 July


RPM Acetate White LED Watch in August Man Magazine

Experience the latest limited edition RPM LED watch with action packed adventure from Kisai. The hours are shown on the inner ring in the same position as hours on a clock. There will be LED lights showing the current time and it will be flashing for several seconds to direct you. Made of pure white... read more


Kisai Light Speed USB Rechargeable LED Watch in AD Magazine Russia

Слева: наручные часы. Light Speed. Kisai.

Green Console Led Watch In Japanese Performance Car Mag 02

Green Console Led Watch In Japanese Performance Car Mag

Tokyoflash Console Watch.

Japan based Tokyoflash don't make claims that its futuristic watches are designed simply to tell the time. Each of its barking mad designs look like something from a sci-fi film. but believe it or not. each one does work as a regular watch.

The Console is our pick of ... read more

Kisai Rpm Acetate In Exec Business Traveller Magazine 02

White Kisai RPM Acetate LED Watch In Exec Business Traveller Magazine

Concept Watch From Tokyo

The limited edition acetate version of the Kisai RPM watch is reminiscent of the film 'TRON'. Its blank dial is an acetate disc. protected with a smoked lens and rimmed with digital tube LEDs that display the time on pressing a button. Lines along the inner ring - just li... read more

Led Watch Kisai Console In Playstation 360 Magazine 02

Tokyoflash LED Watch Kisai Console in PlayStation 360 Magazine

Kisai Console £109.45

Would you like a watch that tells the time. or do you want a timepiece that makes you look like you took a wrong turn at Alpha Centauri? The Kisai Console takes a fraction of a second longer for us read than a standard digital. but it’s a satisfyingly chun... read more

Zoo 2

Kisai RPM Acetate BLUE on ZOOs Summer Watch Fashion Page

Costa Del Colour. Know exactly what time the party kicks off this summer with these stylishly bold time keepers. Tokyoflash RPM Blue Acetate: £97.22



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