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Magazines: 2010 April

Tokyoflash Escape C Bluetooth In Stuff Singapore 02

Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Watch in Stuff Magazine Singapore

Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C $150. Ok. this one’s not a media player. per se. but it will allow you to stream audio from a Bluetooth-enabled device. which makes it a “media player”. So there. It’s designed to be worn around the neck. and besides allowing you to listen to music. will... read more

Tokyoflash Galaxy Watch In University Link Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Galaxy LED Watch in University Link Magazine

Tokyoflash Galaxy Watch. Perfect for space travel and surprisingly easy to read.

Magazines: 2010 March

Kisai Bluetooth Japanese

Escape C Wireless headset featured in August Mens Magazine

Introducing Kisai Escape C. the Revolutionary new fashion accessory from Tokyoflash Japan that offers you personal wireless connectivity so that you can listen to music and answer calls reliably in comfort and with style. It's surprisingly easy to navigate with clear indicators on its round face an... read more

Unkonventionelles Design

Kisai Sensai in German Blu Magazine

TOKYOFLASH ist eindeutig keine Marke für Omas Liebling. Unkonventionelles Design und eine gehörige Portion Kreativität sorgen dafür. dass die Uhren des japanischen Kult-Herstellers ungewöhnlich aussehen und jedes Modell auch anders abzulesen ist. Eine entsprechend dicke Bedienungsanl... read more

Kisai Denshoku Led Watch

Kisai Denshoku LED watch Featured in Design and Home Magazine

Kisai Denshoku
Hodinky s nápaditym designem a netradičním zobrazením
času? Tokyoflash má opěl řešeni v pOdobě modelu Kisai Denshoku. Představuje zajímavé zpracováni ve stříbrné. případně v černé varianté. Zobrazení času snadno aktivujete tlačítkem na boku hodinek. Pak se již stačí řídit návodem ... read more

Kisai Denshoku Tenmetsu Keisan Led Digimono Station

KISAI TENMETSU. DENSHOKU. KEISAN、多数のDesign LED Watchがデジモノステーション3月号に掲載されました。



試験管のような形... read more

Tokyo Metropolis

Unique LED watch Tenmetsu Featured in the Tokyo Metropolis.

For the man of mystery. what could be more aliuringthan this black number that displays
the date and time in a combination of colored lights? We think it bears more than a passing resemblance to Darth Vader's get-up. lending the wearer a rather awesome Death Star chic... read more

Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C In Play Magazine 1

Kisai Escape C from Tokyoflash Japan in Play Magazine. UK

Kisai Escape C. TokyoFlash has been making stylish and ludicrously complex-looking timepieces for some time. but now it’s moving into gadgetry. The Kisai Escape C is a portable wireless device that can be linked to your home computer. MP3 player and phone for wireless control of all your devices in ... read more

Kisai Escape C In Svm Magazine France 02

Kisai Escape C Featured in SVM Magazine France

Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C. D'ordinaire. TokyoFlash fait dans les montres - toutes plus délirantes les unes que
les autres. Son prochain concept semble d'ailleurs inspiré d'une tocante gousset. mais il se porte autour du cou: le Kisai Escape C comporte une batterie de touches pour commander son sma... read more

Magazines: 2010 February

Football Punk Magazine

Kisai Keisan LED Watch Featured in Football Punk Magazine

It's futuristic. fully bling and a genuinely insane watch from eccentric designers Tokyoflash. Design-wise it's unlike most other watches out there. and tells the time and date in cascading LED form. It also has the rare ability to simultaneously make nerds and rappers jealous. How many
watches ... read more

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