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Magazines: 2010 January

X Box 360 Denshoku Led Watch

Denshoku featured in X Box 360 Holo Edition Magazine

• It's a magic watch. It tells the time by lighting up a number of bars. representing hours. then tens of minutes. then units of minutes. Most people think it's actually an energy bar attached to our wrist. which makes particular sense at 2am in the... read more

Gadget Magazine


Cuando empiezas a usar este reloj. seguro que no te enteras si es de noche o es de día. pero le cogerás el truquillo cuando sepas que si sumas los números de cada una de sus cuatro lentes convexas. sabrás la hora. los minutos y en qué día vives. Todo ello iluminado con luz roja o verde en una constr... read more

Kisai Escape C From Tokyoflash In Stuff Maagzine Singapore 02

Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Time Piece in Stuff Magazine Singapore

Made in Japan Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C $150 It looks like a piece of Borg technology. albeit one that Seven of Nine would wear around her lovely neck - but - it’s not. It’s the latest in hand grenade technology for the new generation of cyber-soldier. Oh all right! It’s just a b... read more



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