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Magazines: 2011 March

Kisai Satellite Led Watch Champion 12

KISAI SATELLITE LED Watchが週刊少年チャンピオン12号に掲載されました。


Kisai Console Led Usb Rechargeable Watch In August Man Magazine 01

Kisai Console Black LED Watch in August Man Magazine

Precision engineered from high quality stainless steel. Console features three carefully drilled zones. each fitted with a curved. smoked mineral crystal glass lens enabling the light to be clearly diffused within each segment to present the time.

Hours 1-12 are the shown by digits in the upper w... read more

Kisai Usb Rechargeable Led Watches In Bent Magazine 01

Kisai USB Rechargeable LED Watches in Bent Magazine

When is a watch not a watch but a lively. colorful. fashionable piece of wrist candy for the technarati who just love something different? Tokyoflash has a simple philosophy; to design and create cutting edge products unlike anything seen before... and it's true. these magnificent. if confusing. tim... read more

Oberon Led Watch In Score Magazine 01

S Mode Oberon LED Watch in Malaysias Score Magazine

Tokyoflash S Mode Oberon. The Obern is described to have such radiance that "it can even be seen from another cosmos". according to the unique Japanese watch makers Tokyoflash who just recently introduced their latest addition to their long list of limited edition watches - the S-Mode Oberon.

Thi... read more

Kisai Transit In Smart Life Magazine 01

Kisai Transit from Tokyoflash Japan in Smart Life Magazine


Since the 13th century clock faces and therefore watch faces. have worked around a pretty similar premise for telling the time. Hands which point at numbers that. through differing forms of rotational movements. indicate the time. Although specific concepts and designs ... read more

Kisai Lightspeed Keisan Console Led Watch Timegear Vol.02

KISAI Lightspeed. Keisan. Consoleその他多数のLED WatchがTIME Gear VOL.02に掲載されました。



ケイサン ブラック
4本の試験管が並んだようなディスプレイはサイエンス感... read more

Kisai Keisan Led Watch In Black Hair Magazine 01

Kisai Keisan LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Black Hair Magazine

The time piece - Kanye doesn't hide the fact that he is highly influenced by Japanese culture. Based in the cool 'Shibuya' area of Tokyo. these bold and stylish statement watches by Tokyoflash would duly complement the wrist of forward-thinking style maverick.

Magazines: 2011 February

Kisai Wasted Led Watch Bestgear

KISAI Wasted USB rechargeable LED WatchがBestGear2月号に掲載されました。


お酒に酔って頭がクラクラしたときのように文字が歪んで見える文字盤のLEDウォッチ。時刻は、外側の丸で囲まれた数字が時間、間は5分単位の分、内側は1~4までの分を表す。USBからの3.5時間のフル充電で約1ヶ月の使用が可能。... read more

Kisai Rpm Led Watch Champion

KISAI RPM Design LED Watchが週刊少年チャンピオン8号に掲載されました。


Kisai Rpm Led Watch Goodspress

KISAI RPM USB rechargeable LED Watchがグッズプレス2月号に掲載されました。

DJ ユースのターンテーブルをイメージしたウォッチ。
モデル名“RPM”とは回転数のこと。レコードプレーヤーをイメージしたデザインが特徴で、外周にレイアウトされた高輝度LEDインデックスで時刻を読み取るスタイルだ。... read more

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