Kisai Adjust LED Watch

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Kisai Adjust LED watch

Most people will see triangles. You will see the time. Kisai Adjust features 32 LED triangles that show the digital time. A customisable watch design, you can change the display to one of six vivid colors at the touch of a button.

Kisai Adjust Black & Green LED watch

Six Colours in One Watch Design

A futuristic, cyber-punk watch concept that can be customised by the user is now reality. Change the display to one of six different colors, choose 12 or 24 hour mode, view in horizontal or vertical.

In addition, multi-color mode automatically transitions between all six colors in turn whilst showing the time.

There is also a date mode which can be activated by pressing the lower button, an alarm mode and a light up animation which operates between 6pm and midnight and can be turned on or off in the settings. View the video demonstration below to see more.

Adjust watch, all colours

The Digital Time in a Matrix of Triangles

As easy to read as a digital watch, Kisai Adjust displays the time using triangles that emulate classical digits.

The matte finish on the surface of the minimal stainless steel case and strap creates a clean contrast against the highly polished acrylic lens, beneath which strong LEDs illuminate to show the time.

A USB Rechargeable LED Watch

Kisai Adjust is a USB rechargeable watch. To recharge, connect to your computer with the USB cable provided. A full charge will take 3.5 hours and each charge should last 1 month. The battery can be recharged more than 300 times. Kisai Adjust also has an adjustable strap making it suitable for small and large wrists.

Adjust LED watch various models

A Limited Edition Watch Design

Each part of Kisai Adjust has been individually designed and manufactured, including the case, strap, lens and uniquely programmed display. Like all watches from Tokyoflash Japan it is a limited edition design which means that it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own.

Close up, Adjust LED watch

Intrigue Beneath the Molded Acrylic Lens

When the time is not shown and the LEDs are dormant, you can sense the inner workings of the watch beneath the smoked lens creating a futuristic, high tech feel.

Adjust Silver Blue LED watch

  • Six LED colors in one watch
  • Multi-color mode
  • Displays the time and date
  • 12/24 hour mode
  • Horizontal/Vertical display mode
  • Alarm mode
  • Designed for small & large wrists
  • Stainless steel case, & clasp
  • Adjustable stainless steel strap
  • Minimum wrist size: 100 mm (approx.)
  • Maximum wrist size: 210 mm (approx.)
  • Case Dimensions: 30 mm x 53 mm x 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Water resistance: 3ATM
  • Battery: PL301517 USB rechargeable battery
  • English instructions
  • One year warranty

pdfDownload PDF manual

Outdoor photo of Adjust LED watch

Adjust watch with Violet LEDs

Adjust watch in silver or black

Concept to Reality

In February 2010, Tokyoflash Japan opened its Design Studio Blog to showcase concept designs and request ideas for new watch designs from fans. The idea for Kisai Adjust was submitted by Nicolas Hélin from Belgium. This is the ninth concept submitted by a fan to become reality.

Find out more about the original concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog.

Blog reader & watch designer Nicolas Hélin says:

The idea behind Adjust was to tell the time in a simple way, but in a way that looks sci-fi and futuristic at a glance.

I also wanted the watch to look different even when it is "off", and to be modular in a way. I came up with the idea of digits made of triangles, with the same triangles embossed in the lens, and the possibility to change the display.

I felt really honored when I learned that Adjust had been chosen to become an actual watch, and so enthusiastic when I saw the description of the future watch and how it was going to work!

I really appreciated this experience, how Tokyoflash got me involved and shared the challenges and progress in different phases of development.

The result is just amazing. I thank the team that worked hard on it and found solutions to make it so close to the original design. The level of detail, the quality, the finish are truly impressive!

Now thanks to Tokyoflash, thanks to the support and feedback of the fans/visitors of the blog, I wear the watch I once imagined. Thank you, I hope you will enjoy Kisai Adjust!

Adjust outdoors photo

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