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Magazines: 2010 January

Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Time Piece in Stuff Magazine Singapore <back

Made in Japan Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C $150 It looks like a piece of Borg technology. albeit one that Seven of Nine would wear around her lovely neck - but - it’s not. It’s the latest in hand grenade technology for the new generation of cyber-soldier. Oh all right! It’s just a boring bluetooth receiver from Japan. however. it will make your life anything but. Drape it around your neck. plug in a pair of headphones and then be free of that infernal mobile phone that seems like it has become an extension of what you like to call your body. With a built-in microphone. you can roam freely around your home or office while taking a phone call (or listening to your phone’s music collection) and reduce the amount of microwave radiation that douses your brain every time you take a call (wait. isn’t Bluetooth radiation too? Hmm). It’s also compatible with VOIP applications like Skype. so pair it with your PC or Mac and prove to yourself that talk is cheap.

Kisai Escape C From Tokyoflash In Stuff Maagzine Singapore 01



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