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A collection of magazine reviews and articles on Tokyoflash over the years.

Magazines: 2007 August

Tokyoflash 1000100101 Watch In 360 Magazine 01

1000100101 LED Watch in 360 Magazine

1000100101 Silver LED Watch with Multi Colored LEDs featured in XBOX 360 Magazine.

Magazines: 2007 July

Pimp Bracelet Watch In Vibe Magazine 02

Pimp SS LED Watch in Vibe Magazine

Pimp Watches ( Put your pimp game on blast with these Japanese watches that tell time on a flashy. colorful LED display (starting at $144).

Tokyoflash Led Watches In Vision Magazine 02

LED Watches from Tokyoflash Japan in Vision Fashion Magazine

Tokyoflash 1000100101 multi colored LED watch and Mugen LCD Watch featured in in Vision Fashion Magazine.

Pimp Led Watch In Wired Magazine 02

Pimp LED Watch in Wired Magazine

LEDs are a geek's best friend. And what better way to impress your friends than with this brushed stainless steel limited edition Japanese time piece that's supercharged with 72 blinking lights.

1259g Led Watch In Russian Technology Magazine 02

Twelve 5-9 G LED Watch In Russian Technology Magazine

Twelve 5-9 Brushed Watch in Russian Technology Magazine.

Pimp Star Performer Led Watch In Style Magazine Germany 02

Pimp Star Performer Watch in Style Magazine Germany

Pimp Star Performer LED watch design in Style magazine Germany.

Range Of Tokyoflash Led Watches In Tendencias Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Watches in Tendencias Magazine Spain

TOKYOFlASH El futuro en tu muñeca. Son relojes. aunque si no se observa con detenimiento pueden parecer accesorios propios de Star Trek o el aparatito que utili-zaba Michael Knight para comunicarse con Kitt en El Coche Fantastico. Se trata de una marca de relojes que. como su pro-pio nombre indica. ... read more

Unique Scope Led Watch In Playboy Magazine Germany 02

Scope LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Playboy Magazine Germany

The Scope LED Watch in Germany's Playboy magazine.

Magazines: 2006 June

Barcode Led Watch In Rugged Magazine 02

Barcode LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in Rugged Magazine

Tokyoflash. Looking for an LED watch that is like no other? This watch is equipped with a light up function that starts at 6 pm and goes until 1 am every minute.

Magazines: 2005 October

Morse Code Led Watch In Weekend Magazine 02

Morse Code LED Watch in Weekend Magazine Germany

Uhr morst die Zeit Ein japanisches Unternehmen hat eine Uhr entwickelt. die die Zeit mit Piep-tönen morsen kann. Den PunktStrich-Code des MorseAlphabets zeigt sie obendrein an. Wer kein Experte ist. kann die Zeit auf Knopfdruck auch in Ziffern ablesen. Kostenpunkt: EUR 94.-.

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