e35 JLr7 LED Watch

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JLr7 LED Watch

The JLr7 (which is named after the top row of the watch) comes from the minds of Eri & Eiichi (e35) who theme their designs and artwork on geometric patterns. We love the way this seemingly random pattern of lights is able to tell the time in a futuristic manner.

The whole watch is brushed with a dark gunmetal finish and an all black crystal face. The grid of L-shaped digital segments on the face light up to reveal the time.

When the button is pressed the watch starts a computerized animation sequence with a random pattern of lights & then displays the time. Between 6pm & Midnight the watch animates automatically every 15 mins to give the effect that it is malfunctioning. (this feature can be turned off)

JLr7 watch with Green LED lights

There are 12 lights for the hour, 3 for "quarter past", "half past" & "quarter to" and 14 lights for the times in between.

There are also 3 other lights which show the seconds ticking by.

The watch face has some subtle dark grey markings which distinguish the borderline between hours, minutes & seconds.

  • Time Only
  • English & Japanese Instructions
  • Light up function, ON or OFF



000 013

This product is no longer available.

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