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A collection of magazine reviews and articles on Tokyoflash over the years.

Magazines: 2011 October

Kisai 3d Unlimited Lcd Watch In Digital Life Magazine 02

Cool LCD Watch Kisai 3D Unlimited in Digital Life Magazine

Kisai 3D UnLimited
Fabrikant: Tokyoflash Prijs: €102.-

De roestvrijstalen 3D Unlimited is de jongste creatie binnen de Kisai-serie van Tokyoflash. Waar een scala aan LED-lampjes en wiskundige formules het bij hun meeste horloges onmogelijk maken de tijd af te lezen. kom je met deze kubusvormig... read more

Console Led Watch Kisai Tokyoflash Japan 02

Kisai Console Green LED Watch in GT Magazine

Timepieces - a watch speaks volumes. and this month we bring you the best of the season's wristwear - whatever your style of bank balance.

Kisai Tenmetsu Led Watch Cassell The Streets Plan B Watch 02

Futuristic Kisai Tenmetsu LED Watch in Rhythm Magazine

Kisai Tenmetsu Silver LED Watch worn by "Cassell The Beatmaker" of The Streets and Plan B.

Kisai 3d Unlimited In Stuff Magazine 02

Kisai 3D Unlimited Mirrored LCD Watch in Stuff Magazine

Los Relojicubos | Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited 100 € |

Los cinéfilos no tardarán en abandonar el 3D como si hubieran soltado un cocodrilo salvaje en el cine. pero los de Tokyoflash están locos por la tercera dimensión. ¿Tanto como para hacer un reloj 3D? No exactamente: más bien c... read more

Kisai Night Vision Led Watch In Coolture Magazine 02

Kisai Night Vision LED Watch in Coolture Magazine

Kisai Night Vision is one of the easiest to read watches from Tokyoflash Japan. Simply touch the upper button to show the time. Hours are shown in the outer ring in the same position as hours on an analog clock. the gap in the ring indicates the current hour. Minutes are shown digitally in the centr... read more

Charged Oct2

Cool Watches Kisai 3D Unlimited from Tokyoflash Japan

The Kisai 3D Unlimited Black watch with Blue LCD was chosen to be featured and offered as a competition prize in Charged Magazine. The Kisai 3D Unlimited watch design has a brand new custom designed stainless steel case and strap. a cutting edge mirrored LCD display. time and date functions and an E... read more

Magazines: 2011 September

Kisai Broke Led Watch In Map Magazine 02

Kisai Broke LED Watch From Tokyoflash Japan in Map Magazine


For those who wear a watch. slipping a timepiece on each morning becomes a revered ritual. alongside teeth brushing. lipstick touch ups and shoelace tying. But for anyone who generally eschews the donning of a watch. this curious Japanese timepiece will whet your appetite for daily tim... read more

3d Unlimited Mirrored Lcd Watch In 360 Magazine 02

Mirrored LCD Watch Design Kisai 3D Unlimited in 360 Magazine

Kisai 3D Unlimited: Website: Price: £89.99

How many ways can you make a watch tell the time? If the folk at Tokyoflash are running out of ideas. they’re showing no sign of it. Latest off the production line is (in our opinion) its most attractive model yet. the Kisai
3D Unlimi... read more

Kisai Tenmetsu Aluminum Watch In Computer Idee Magazine 02

Aluminum Kisai Tenmetsu LED Watch in Computer Idee Magazine


Wal dit is? Een horloge waarop je de tijd kunt aflezen aan de hand van leds. Een rood lampje staat voor 5. geel voor 5 en groen voor 1. In twee stappen wordt de tijd zichtbaar. Bij elkaar opgeteld is een rood lichtje. een geel lichtje. en drie groene lichtjes bijvoorbeeld 23 uur. Daa... read more

Kisai Transit Led Watch In Flavour Magazine 02

Transit - A Cool LED Watch For Drivers - In Flavour Magazine

Looking as good as this wonder man is not an easy task. His daily look screams of confidence. with a vibrant mix of colors. style and cool persona. Get the Tiny Tempah look by being bold and thinking out of the box.

Tokyoflash Kisai Transit Watch £79

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