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Magazines: 2011 June

Cool Kisai Led Watches Tokyoflash Japan 02

Cool Kisai Watches in DJ Magazine Germany

Mit den Uhren von Tokyo Flash wird Zeit zur schöns Nebensache der Welt.

Zeit ist relativ. das wusste schon Einstein. Aber die Uhren von Tokyo Flash verleihen dieser aussage noch einmal eine andere Dimension. Nichts ist hier so. wie es auf dem ersten Blick erscheint. Nur der geschulte Eingeweihte... read more


S-Mode Oberon LED Watch in IBUKI Magazine

Gadget The Art of Telling Time: Tokyoflash

Tokyoflash Japan thinks the practice of telling time has become a little stagnant. so they’re injecting it with some life and turning it into a real form of art. Founded in 2000. this Tokyo-based company creates cutting-edge watches that combine the late... read more

Alcohol Test Watch Concept In Mural Newspaper Mexico 02

Alcohol Test Watch Concept In Mural Newspaper Mexico

Lemarcará la hora y el alcohol.

Tres niveles para detectar la presencia de alcohol que una persona tiene en la sangre son la apuesta del nuevo proyecto de la casa de diseño de relojes Tokyoflash Japan. Display digital con pantalla touch screen LCD. luz LED de diversos colores brillantes y un dimi... read more

Kisai Round Trip In Pc Powerplay Magazine 02

Kisai Round Trip In PC Powerplay Magazine


Nothing says style like an obtuse watch that blends modern sensibilities with techno-geek LED displays and cryptic chronometry. You'll be the envy of everyone wanting to know the time - even after you tell them.

Oberon Round Trip Traffic Cool Watches In Free Magazine 02

LED Watches Oberon. Traffic & Round Trip in FREE Magazine

It might take a while to figure out the time on these Tokyoflash graphic watches (we're still working on it). but who cares? They look seriously cool and are bound to be a hit with the ladies. Make sure you master how to tell the time first. From £29.70

Kisai Rogue Touch Futuristic Watch Design From Tokyoflash Japan In Het Magazine 02

Kisai Rogue Touch Futuristic Watch Design in HET Magazine

Home Entertainment Today magazine recently featured the Kisai Rogue Touch watch from Tokyoflash Japan. The watch has touch-screen controls and displays two time zones as well as date. The watch has an alarm and comes in four LCD colors.



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