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Magazines: 2012 February

Cool Watches Kisai Optical Illusion In Mail On Sunday Live Magazine 02

Cool Watches: Kisai Optical Illusion in Mail on Sunday LIVE Magazine

How to read the time on the Kisai Optical Illusion watch? Hidden on the screen are four digits (two top. two bottom). denoting hours and minutes. Stare at it long enough and the numbers should materialise.

Clue: look for the diagonal lines going in the opposite direction to the main pattern. Stil... read more

Cool Pocket Watch Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Jadore Magazine 02

Cool Pocket Watch: Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket from Tokyoflash Japan Watch in J'Adore Magazine

Tokyoflash Watches

Techy nuts who love attention will kill for these eye-popping wrist gizmos straight from the land of the rising sun. Conceptualized by some of their fans in Kyrgyzstan. Tokyo Flash’s Kisai On Air ($189) is one of the more minimal designs out of the company’s Star Trek-esque pro... read more

Fashion Watch Kisai Optical Illusion Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Extra Magazine 02

Fashion Watch: Kisai Optical Illusion Watch in Extra Magazine

Japanski urarski brand Tokyoflash poznat je po inovativnim modelima koji pomiču granice očitavanja vremena. Jedna čitateljica nosit će njihov najnoviji model. Kisai Optical Illusion - ili ga pokloniti nekom zaista posebnom.

Lcd Watch Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In Nzz Am Sonntag 02

LCD Watch: Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in NZZ am Sonntag

Ein stiller Begleiter

Der Urgrossvater griff zur Taschenuhr im Gilet. nun belebt Tokyoflash diese Tradition: Das Modell «Kisai Rogue Touch» setzt allerdings auf Elektronik. Touch-Bedienung und eine futuristische Zeitanzeige. Über ein LC-Display ruft man die Uhrzeit. das Datum oder den Alarm ab. I... read more



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