Pimp P1 Pusher LED Watch

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PIMP P1 pusher LED watch

The Pimp "Pusher" range introduces an all new look for the original 3 Pimp watches that started a whole fashion scene. The Pusher is more streetwise, black & leather, ideal for avoiding the narcs.

The display works just the same as before with hours indicated up the left side in Red LED's (1-12) and then the smaller rows of colored LED's indicating the minutes.

Each small row comprises 5 minutes and the red rows are positioned at the 15, 30 & 45 minute marks - so it's quite easy at a glance to tell if it's quarter past, half-past etc.

As with all Pimp watches, P1 Pusher has a light-up feature. The watch will animate several rows of LED's every 2 mins (Pimp Time)

The strap at the back has a regular buckle, so it's easy to adjust at home.

Pimp Watches P1 Pusher retro LED watch

The very first Pimp watch "Trip the light fantastic" hit the streets in 2003, now we see it with a completely new look. An IP Black polished case and leather strap with a carbon fibre style coating.

  • Time Only
  • English & Japanese Instructions
  • 1 Year Waranty
  • Water Resist 3ATM
  • Exclusive to Tokyoflash


COMPRA $188.77

000 015

This product is no longer available.

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