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Magazines: 2008 January

Pimp Led Watch

Pimp Pusher LED Watch in 00/24 Magazine

It's clear that electronic gadgets. tools and functions are not limited by technology but by human imagination. And for the most absurd. alienated and ludicrous digital technology then Japan is the Pimp Pusher LED watch. Watches of all types. shapes. colours and sizes which (try to) ... read more

Lcd Led Watches

Shinshoku and Rogue watches Featured in Design and Home Magazine

Tokyoflash Shinshoku
Stylové. netradiční a moderní hodinky? Není problém. pokud zvolíte hodinky Tokyoflash Shinkoku. které nabízejí velmi netradiční provedení z kartáčované oceli. Zobrazení času má na starosti několik barevných diod. které mohou ukázat čas i animací. Cena: 118 EUR. www.tokyoflash.c... read more

Avatar Led Watch

1259 B LED watch as seen in Avatar featured in Disclosure Magazine

If telling the time has become a needless simple act and you want to swap practicality for style. pick up one of these. The 1259 B will have you staring at your wrist in utter bafflement while you try and work out what the time is but you'll definitely be the coolest kid in the playground.



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