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Magazines: 2014 January

Optical Illusion Lcd Watch From Tokyoflash Japan In T3 Magazine 01

Optical Illusion LCD Watch from Tokyoflash Japan in T3 Magazine

The Kisai Optical Illusion watch was recently featured in T3 magazine. The custom made LCD panel used in Kisai Optical Illusion has more than 1500 segments and is the most complex watch display created to date; an engineering feat that took more than 12 months to research and develop.

Kisai Polygon Wood Watch In Le Bijoutier Magazine France 01

Kisai Polygon Wood Watch in Le Bijoutier Magazine France

The Polygon Wood watch from Tokyoflash Japan recently featured in Le Bijoutier Magazine France includes time. date. alarm. EL backlighting and a custom animation. Choose either a mirror display with gold accented bezel or blue display with silver accented bezel.

Kisai Intoxicated Breathalyzer Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Featured In Today Newspaper 01

Kisai Intoxicated Silicone Breathalyzer Watch from Tokyoflash Japan Featured in Today Newspaper

How drunk are you? Kisai Intoxicated Silicone. recently featured in Today Newspaper. Singapore features a built-in breathalyzer to tell you! The time and date are shown by bold digits in negative space - easy to read at a glance however intoxicated you are!

Kisai Zone Wood Limited Edition Watch In Home And Lifestyle Magazine 01

Kisai Zone Wood Limited Edition Watch in Home & Lifestyle Magazine

Kisai Zone Wood was recently featured in Home & Lifestyle Magazine. Kisai Zone Wood comes in dark sandalwood with black or green LCD. red sandalwood with purple LCD or maple wood with blue LCD. each with a natural copper colored bezel.

Kisai Blade Led Turbine Watch In Torque Car Magazine 01

Kisai Blade LED Turbine Watch in Torque Car Magazine

Torque Magazine recently featured the industrially designed Kisai Blade LED watch design from Tokyoflash Japan. The watch was inspired by industrial and automotive themes.

Wood Watches From Tokyoflash Featured In Catalog Magazine 02

Wood Watches from Tokyoflash Japan in Catalog Magazine

Three wood watches. Kisai Rogue SR2. Kisai Stencil and Kisai Zone featured in Catalog magazine. Each of these wooden watch designs has an LCD display with a unique time display.



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