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Magazines: 2009 May

Tokyoflash Produkce

Tokyoflash Keisan LED watch featured in Design and Home Magazine

Tokyoflash Kisai Keisan

Hodinky z produkce společnosti Tokyoflash nás opět zaujaly netradičním zpracováním. Samozřejmě dalším výrazným prvkem je zobrazování času. které je opět řešeno zcela netradičně na speciálním displeji. Navíc díky konvexnímu sklíčku je zobrazení velmi dobře čitelné. Tělo ho... read more

Geeky Watch

Kisai Tenmetsu LED watch Featured in Digit Magazine

The innovative people at TokyoFlash never seem to stop in their ruthless campaign to design outrageous watches. We are not complaining. The Kisai Tenmetsu tells you

both the time and the date. by showing LED lights in three different colours on a 2x4 array. How it manages to do this is anybody'... read more

Led Wristwatches

Tokyoflash infection LED Watch featured in Digit Magazine

Tokyoflash Infection
Who said watches for geeks have to be made up of dots and bars? The designers at Tokyo Flash have come up with a totally unique design. So what if you wont be able to tell the time with the Infection. but it sure as hell is
a conversation starter. Has a leather strap. a mirro... read more

Mens Watch S

Kisai mens watch Featured in Czech Magazine

Novinka japonské firmy Tokyoflash. hodinky s názvem Kiso; Keisan. vypadá určitě netradičně už na první pohled. Hodinky nemají klasický ciferník a ani na displeji si nepřečteš srozumitelné č{sUce. Jsou
tu symboly. které musíš sečíst podle n6vodu. který k hodinkám dostaneš. a teprve součet ti ukáže ... read more

Metro Magazine Uk

Kisai Sensai LED mens watch Featured in UK METRO Magazine.

The Limited Edition series of Kisai watches new from Japan based Tokyoflash are crafted from high grade aluminum making them super lightweight. Telling the time is a bit of a mission but once you've mastered it it's worth it.
Sensai watch from the Kisai series available at

Tokyoflash Led Watches In Take Off Magazine 02

Tokyoflash LED Watches in Take Off Magazine France

A selection of Tokyoflash and Nekura watches in Take Off Magazine. France.

Kisai Sensai In Top Divky Magazine Czech Republic 02

Kisai Sensai Aluminum Watch in Top Girl Magazine Czech Republic

Kisai Sensai Aluminum Watch in Top Girl Magazine Czech Republic

Magazines: 2009 April

Faces Magazine

Negative watch Featured in FACES Magazine

At first glance you look at the watch in amazement asking yourself if this thing can really tell the time. Then suddenly I light switches on and you you got it. It's so different yet easy to read once you know what to look at. It's like a hidden message that gives you the time.

Garage Magazine Model

Galaxy and Star Performer watches Featured in Garage Magazine

Two of our popular watches worn by Models featured in Garage magazine.

Mens Watches4

Tokyoflash Fire mens watch seen in J'ADORE Magazine

If you want a space-age style that stands out from the crowd and stimulates conversation. look no further than Tokyollash Their futuristic mens watches look like they're from another galaxy. but be forewarned. some models are so abstract that reading the time might take a little. well. time. to mas... read more

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