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Magazines: 2014 January

Wood Watches From Tokyoflash Featured In Catalog Magazine 02

Wood Watches from Tokyoflash Japan in Catalog Magazine

Three wood watches. Kisai Rogue SR2. Kisai Stencil and Kisai Zone featured in Catalog magazine. Each of these wooden watch designs has an LCD display with a unique time display.

Magazines: 2013 December

Kisai Stencil And Kisai Maze From Tokyoflash In Mac Directory Magazine 02

Kisai Stencil and Kisai Maze from Tokyoflash in Mac Directory Magazine

Mac Directory magazine featured two wrist watches from Tokyoflash Japan in the design section of its magazine.

Kisai Keisan Led Watch In Today Newspaper Singapore 02

Kisai Keisan LED Watch Featured in Singapore's Today Newspaper

Designed and made in Japan. the Kisai Keisan LED watch from Tokyoflash Japan was selected by British inventor James Dyson as an ideal gift for the tech-savvy: "I love visiting Japan for its futuristic feel and obsession with new technology. These watches challenge conventional ways of telling the ti... read more

Gadget Magazine Stuff Features The Kisai Neutron Watch From Tokyoflash Japan 01

Gadget Magazine Stuff features the Kisai Neutron Watch from Tokyoflash Japan

The black and red Kisai Neutron LED watch with accelerometer was featured in Stuff Magazine. The integrated motion sensor technology means you can activate the display with a flick of the wrist or at the touch of a button.

Color Changing Led Watch Kisai Adjust Featured In Slug Magazine 02

Color Changing LED Watch. Kisai Adjust Featured In SLUG Magazine

Kisai Adjust from Tokyoflash Japan was recently feautred in SLUG Magazine. A customisable watch design. you can change the display to one of six vivid colors at the touch of a button.

Kisai Xtal Led Digital Watch Featured In Watch Magazine Chronos Plus 01

Kisai Xtal LED Digital Watch Featured in Watch Magazine Chronos Plus

The mysterious Kisai Xtal watch combines a crystalline shaped stainless steel case with a faceted mineral crystal lens and a cryptic yet simple to read LED time display. It was recently selected to be featured in watch magazine Chronos Plus.

Kisai Keisan Led Watch From Tokyoflash Japan Featured In Expat Living Magazine 02

Kisai Keisan LED Watch from Tokyoflash Japan featured in Expat Living Magazine

Featured in Expat Living magazine recently. Kisai Keisan combines a raised convex bubble lens with optical technology precisely engineered to diffuse the advanced low energy Japanese LEDs. creating a bright. magnified lighting effect.

Hexagonal Watch Design Kisai Quasar In Slam Magazine Germany 01

Hexagonal Watch Design Kisai Quasar in Slam Magazine Germany

The Kisai Quasar hexagonal LCD watch design from Tokyoflash Japan was recently featured in Germany's Slam magazine. Kisai Quasar combines the simplicity of a digital watch with a geometric. patterned display that camouflages time.

Tokyoflash Wooden Watch Kisai Polygon Featured In Spoke Magazine 02

Tokyoflash Wooden Watch Kisai Polygon Featured in Spoke Magazine

Recently featured in Spoke magazine. Germany. Kisai Polygon Wood features a time display with attractive geometric lines. a custom made dark sandalwood case. finished with a beautifully textured leather strap.

Tokyoflash Watch In T3 Magazine Kisai Optical Illusion 01

Tokyoflash Watch in T3 Magazine. Kisai Optical Illusion

Recently featured in T3 Magazine. the Kisai Optical Illusion watch from Tokyoflash Japan is a stainless steel watch design with a mineral crystal lens. available in black or silver with a natural or green display.

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