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Tokyoflash Tibida in Stuff Magazine Singapore <back

THAT IS ONE SICK WATCH. Tokyoflash Tibida $122 What does Tibida mean? Is it a strange illness. which is pretty mild but a great way of getting a day off work (Sorry boss. i've come down with tibida again '); b) one of those names weird cat women give their moggies; or c) the latest watch from Tokyoflash? Sadly for slackers and cat lovers. the answer is 'c'. The newest model from the wilfully obfuscatory watch maker uses 42 white LEDs to tell the time in three different ways - displaying it in hours or minutes or. for the uber geeky. in binary. It's a stylish watch. but you might need to take the day off work to get to grips with reading it.

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