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Tokyoflash prides itself on representing the most unique time pieces in the world. With the introduction of Retsu, wrist wear design is taken to an all new level.

Just 8 mm thin and weighing only 40 grams, Retsu is a third of the weight of most other LED watches and is the ultimate in lightweight, slimline LED watch design.

The vertically designed display runs in line with the edge of the strap forming a smooth transition from one end to the other, the lines in the face cut in different thicknesses add a modern dimension. The button, unusually positioned on the bottom left also adds a sense of originality.

Amazingly simple to read, just press the button to see the lights race up to the current digit before trailing off leaving one light reconfirming the number. This is repeated for each digit to tell the time. So simple, it's surprising no one has thought of it before!

Available with a hairline brushed gunmetal case with blue or green LEDs, the strap is made from soft black suede for a comfortable fit and it is perfect for both men or women and ideal for those with smaller wrists.

Restu, for people who really appreciate great design.

For detailed product information a pdf instruction manual is available to download below.

  • Displays the time
  • One of the world's smallest LED watches
  • Perfect for smaller wrist sizes
  • Unisex design
  • Maximum wrist size: 230 mm (approx.)
  • Case Dimensions: 25 mm x 30 mm x 8 mm
  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Japanese and English instructions
  • One year warranty

pdfDownload PDF manual



KÖP $165.02

000 026

This product is no longer available.

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