Why would you buy a watch that you can't tell the time easily on?

Good question. If you're looking for a watch that simply tells the time, then our watches are probably not for you. We design wearable art, many people don't appreciate art but many people do.

If your sole reason for buying a watch is to tell the time, we would recommend purchasing another watch brand that does just that. If you have a cell phone, computer, PDA or wall clock, the chances are you don't even need to wear a watch, so why purchase a Tokyoflash watch?

If you are in some sort of design business, be it product design, graphic design or homepage design, you probably have a flair for design. Our watches are what we like to call "Unique Product Design", where design is the main point, not function. After all if it looks good you want to buy it.

An exotic car is by no means practical but most people would love to have one. A painting that just strikes you in a certain way or a piece of jewelry - these all pretty much serve no function, well maybe the car does, but you could have bought a practical one.

So, when thinking about our unique time telling designs try to look at them as if each is a piece of art that also tells you the time. We turn TIME into ART.

Who are our customers? We have been praised by designers from Apple, Puma, Google and many many more. People in the design and computer field tend to be big fans, often requesting wackier and wackier designs, while others request more practical to read designs. Some of our designs are very easy to read the time on offering the best of both worlds, but it is often hard to design one style without compromising on the other.

Before the cell phone watches were common but nowadays many people feel there's no need to wear one and the watch industry has suffered greatly. Our aim is to "CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT TIME."

Enjoy and have fun - that's what life is all about.

Faithfully yours,

The Tokyoflash Team

Those watches are for people seeking attention.

Well aren't we all in some way or another? People who have tattoos, piercings or color their hair would attract far more attention than a watch would, unless you are running down the street with your arm up in the air saying, "look at my watch!'

These watches are way over priced for what they are.

NO WAY! If anything they are way under priced and let me explain why.

Each watch has been individually designed from the bottom up then needs the time programmed into the IC chip as they all tell the time differently, every component has new molding made for it and tooling setup for production. Then, every design has to be tested extensively. We only make a very limited amount and then never make more.

So all these costs are incurred into this product while other larger companies develop one design, and put that same module (inside part) into many variations of cases, then sell tens of thousands of them all over the world. In fact 80% of watches around the world just purchase a standard movement from the factories for next to nothing.

This is one of the reasons why we can not sell wholesale, as the cost to produce our designs are very expensive.

Love them or Hate them.

We give our designers a complete freedom all we ask is make something new and innovative. Our designs vary greatly and the reason why is that people all find different things attractive. What one person thinks is beautiful, another feels it's ugly. Again you have to think of our watches like ART.


To our Customers from the Manager.

Our focus is 100% on you the customer. We want to keep a direct link between you and us to better understand your concerns and give you the best possible service and experience we can that is why we are focusing on selling direct to you. We never want to do it our way, we always want to do it YOUR WAY. Decisions are all based on what the customer wants, so in theory you are one of the managers here. I feel a great appreciation for every customer who spent their hard earned money on one of our designs and I really get emotional when I see someone wearing our design. 

Goals for the future.

We want to keep our designs exclusive and limited. We never want to go big with Tokyoflash Japan. We enjoy what we do, love being creative and love it when our customers are just as excited in the designs as we are. We want to push the design envelope and introduce new technology to our products as they become available. Our designs are becoming more and more refined and attention to the smallest details is a must. Radii, angles everything is analyzed down to fractions of millimetres in some cases 100th of a millimetre, trying to bring all elements together in the best possible way. We only want to use the best factories possible for every part of the watch. Like any company we had growing pains, and had many problems, now with over 10 years behind us we have managed to solve most of these previous problems. Our aim is to use the best in the industry in every part of the watch. Quality can not be compromised.

Customer service

We never want our customer to have a bad experience with us from purchase or years later. If at any time you have had a bad experience we will do everything possible to make things right. Your purchase doesn't just stop at the time of delivery, we are here for you, be it a battery change, a broken lens that happened by accident, we will help, even if the warranty has expired we will do whatever we can. 


Even if the warranty period has passed we can fix just about anything on your watch, and if there is a cost, it is REALLY only cost, like shipping and $10-$30 in most cases. We never want to profit by our customers misfortune of say a broken watch lens. We are just happy that our design is liked by you. How many other companies do that?