Tenmetsu LED Watch

Tenmetsu LED Watch
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Tenmetsu combines precision lines and stunning contours with three subtle LED tones to create a look never before seen. The continuous line that runs between the lenses and through the wrist band provides perfect balance and a design edge. The new two-step time telling method is simple to learn and will change the way you think about time.

A New Way To View Time

Tenmetsu displays the time and date in sequence by color when the button is pressed. Red LEDs indicate 15 units, yellow LEDs indicate 5 units and green LEDs indicate 1 unit. A combination of lights indicate hours, then minutes, then the month, then the date.

A Watch With A Unique Lighting Effect

The dark acrylic lenses positioned between the watch case and LED module have been carefully designed and engineered precisely so that the LEDs beneath diffuse creating Tenmetsu's unique lighting effect. Tenmetsu uses advanced, low energy Japanese LEDs to create a high level of brightness whilst offering lower power consumption to ensure battery longevity.  Thirty LEDs are used in Tenmetsu allowing a transition between LED colors through each lens.

A Character Enhancing Light-Up Animation

An animation has been engineered into the LED module so that once every minute for twelve minutes after the time is displayed, the LEDs move in a sweeping formation changing from red to green to yellow.  A character enhancing feature that brings the watch to life.

A High Grade Aluminium Watch - Made in Japan

Tenmetsu is made from high grade aluminum. This enables complete accuracy in design and ensures a lightweight end product that is comfortable to wear. Aluminum also has an incredibly bright and pristine appearance unlike any other material.

The polished alumite finish used to coat Tenmetsu is extremely difficult to apply.  You will not find such a pristine finish in any other watch.  The finish is bright, durable and smooth to touch.

Kisai Tenmetsu was made in limited production numbers. Each watch is engraved with a unique serial number to distinguish it from every other.

Technical Specifications

Functions Time and date
Modes Sweeping LED animation mode
Strap Adjustable aluminium strap
Minimum Wrist Size 100mm (approx)
Maximum wrist size
220 mm (approx.)
Sizing Designed for small & large wrists
Case & Clasp Aluminium case & clasp
Case Dimensions
23 mm x 52 mm x 10 mm
100 grams
Water resistance
CR2032 standard replaceable watch battery
Instruction ManualEnglish and Japanese

Download PDF manual

Watch Attributes
Strap Material Aluminium
Case Material Aluminium
Backplate Stainless Steel