PSI Pressure Gauge Watch

PSI Pressure Gauge Watch
  • $189.00

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The limited edition PSI watch from Tokyoflash Japan is inspired by the classic mechanical pressure gauge.

A Watch Like A Pressure Gauge

Designed to look like an instrument for measuring units of pressure, printed markings on the metallic dial accurately indicate psi on the outer gauge and bar on the inner gauge.

A Unique Way To View Time

The PSI watch does not measure pressure though. It measures the time!

Press the button and the needle will move—imitating a mechanical pressure gauge. The time is displayed using the numbers 0-120 on the outer psi gauge.

The first movement indicates the hour. The second movement indicates the 10 minute group. The third movement indicates single minutes. The needle then returns to 0.

It’s simple to read the time once you know how. Look at the time example in the diagram below. View the video on this page to see the watch in action.

Creative One-Hand Watch Design

Available with a choice of black or white dial and black or silver stainless steel case, PSI is finished with a fully adjustable leather or nylon strap designed to fit small and large wrists.

PSI is a USB rechargeable watch. Connect the watch to your computer with the USB cable provided to recharge. One full charge will take 2 hours and each charge will last 2 months.

To avoid missing out on this unique watch design, shop soon—PSI is available in very limited quantities.

Technical Specifications

Modes Displays the time

Patented motor movement

Case & Strap

Stainless steel case and leather or nylon strap

Stainless steel buckle
Coating Stainless steel / IP black coating
USB Rechargeable Unscrew & connect to your computer (USB cable and screw driver included)
Minimum Wrist Size 150 mm (approx.)
Maximum Wrist Size 210 mm (approx.)
Case Back
Stainless steel machine closed case back
Case Dimensions
45 mm x 45 mm x 14 mm
65 grams
3.7V PL401119 rechargeable watch battery
One year warranty

Watch Attributes
Strap Material Leather
Case Material Stainless Steel
Backplate Stainless Steel